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Plural sexuality

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Created on 2009-06-16 15:11:53 (#407209), last updated 2010-01-23 (399 weeks ago)

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Name:Myriad [under construction, not accepting members]
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Plural sexuality discussions
Hello and welcome to a community devoted to the open and honest exchange of information about sexual practices between plurals! (Say that one three times fast! >.<) Whether you're a newbie looking for general info or an experienced member of the scene, your questions (and answers) will be welcomed here. New topics and discussions are encouraged, but don't be afraid to rehash old ones--systems are always changing, as are people.

A few basic guidelines

1. The goal of this community is to provide an open-minded atmosphere for plurals to discuss their sexual styles. Refrain from responding judgmentally.

2. No personals. Other communities exist for that purpose. :)

4. No random surveys/memes. If you have a serious questionnaire/info page that borders on the meme-ish but has good information you'd like to share, that's okay, but please keep the majority of quizzes to your own journals.

5. Please keep on topic. Advertising other communities of a similar nature is allowed, but keep it within reason. (No large graphics, etc.)

6. Posts or comments with a racist, homophobic, or otherwise close-minded tone will be deleted and the user(s) banned. Troll posts and other forms of spam will also be deleted.

Membership is moderated for privacy. This is a partially private community where discussions of a personal nature take place. You may not be added if we don't know you very well.

Optional questionnaire/introduction questions!
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